Trump Accuses Andrew McCabe Of Fabricating The ‘Fake Memos’ He Gave To Robert Mueller

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Under the cloak of Friday night, President Trump (through Attorney General Jeff Sessions) fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe days before his planned retirement. It has since emerged that McCabe (like former FBI Director James Comey did) documented his interactions with Trump in memos, and he’s already handed these memos over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Given that Comey’s memos led to Mueller’s appointment, Trump’s feeling defensive.

In an early Sunday morning tweetstorm, Trump decided that “fake news” and “fake dossier” needed a new friend … “fake memos.” That is, he’s accusing McCabe of fabricating these memos “for his own agenda” because he didn’t take copious notes while standing next to the president.

Comey has previously discussed how he felt prompted to write memos due to the boundary-crossing exhibited by Trump. The ousted FBI director even told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he began typing one memo (about Trump pressuring him to drop the Michael Flynn probe) in a car directly after speaking with the president. Yet Trump’s trying to argue that because memos weren’t written in front of him, they’re fake. Or something like that.

Trump continued tweeting, of course. He called Comey a liar while citing Fox and Friends and ranted about the political leanings of Mueller’s team.

The tweetstorm actually began last night with “fake news,” “Crooked H,” and “no collusion.” The only thing that’s clear here? Trump doesn’t sleep much.