Everybody Is Dancing Like Betsy Ross: Here’s Ben Simmons’ First Highlight Video For The Sixers

07.05.16 3 years ago

The Philadelphia 76ers might soon see light at the end of the long tunnel of bad basketball and late-capitalism-loving asset collection that departed general manager Sam Hinkie dragged them through. After a few seasons of historically pitiful results, Philly faces the future with No. 1 overall draft selection Ben Simmons in tow, and his first showing with the Sixers in Summer League did not visually disappoint.

Simmons does just about everything well in the highlight video, as is the nature of highlight videos — and as is the nature of Summer League for No. 1 draft picks — but of particular note is his passing. When a man of Simmons’ size and speed can distribute in the open floor with the vision and thread-like accuracy that he does, we have no choice but to make LeBron James comparisons. This is why joy, long foreign to Sixers fans, is returning to Philly’s basketball climate, and it’s why original American flag-maker Betsy Ross is dancing her muppety booty off here, too.

Simmons’ impact in the NBA is likely a long way from All-Star level, and the Sixers will probably still be bad even with him. But he’s someone worth celebrating, which their fanbase hasn’t had in some time.

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