Charles Barkley Thanked Shaq For Getting Him ‘Off The Golden State Hit List’

02.25.17 1 year ago 3 Comments

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The latest NBA news cycle has been absolutely dominated by the bitter, vicious feud between Shaquille O’Neal and JaVale McGee. Earlier in the week, Shaq promised McGee during an Inside the NBA segment that he’d keep him off Shaqtin’ A Fool for the rest of the season if he could manage not to make any boneheaded mistakes over the next couple weeks.

What Shaq neglected to mention is that he’d already put together a somewhat confounding, Dr. Strange-inspired video spoof highlighting some of McGee’s most embarrassing moments on the court. A nasty Twitter war ensued with each side hurtling increasingly personal insults at one another, then eventually devolved into idle threats of violence.

Lost in the melee was this hilarious moment from Charles Barkely, who immediately thanked Shaq after the video aired for taking over his role as public enemy number one around the Bay Area.

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