Chris Bosh Thinks About An NBA Return Constantly And Says He’s In Great Health

Chris Bosh was officially released by the Heat a week ago as the team announced they were letting him go after an NBA medical panel determined his medical issues with blood clots made it unsafe for him to resume his career. Bosh thanked the Heat recently, as the team announced that, while he was being released (with full payment of his salary to come, but him not counting against their cap) the organization would retire his jersey.

Many assumed that would be the official end point of Bosh’s career, but the (likely) future Hall of Famer isn’t ready to give up on resuming his career just yet. Bosh was approached by TMZ Sports on the street recently and said that his future will include “basketball and stuff.”

When pressed on whether that meant he was considering a return to the league with another NBA team, Bosh said that he’s “always thinking about that,” and he’s in great health.

Bosh battled the Heat for the past year trying to return to the court, claiming he had managed his situation and his doctors willing to clear him, but the Heat’s medical staff wouldn’t budge. With the NBA’s medical review deeming his situation unsafe to play, Bosh faces even more of an uphill battle in trying to continue his NBA career outside of Miami, but it’s clear that he’s not ready to give up that fight.

Athletes are often the last to know when it’s there time to step away from the court. We’ve seen on numerous occasions one-time stars try to extend their career but struggle mightily. Walking away from the thing that has defined your entire adult life — and most of your youth — is exceedingly difficult, even for those that get to experience a full career.

In Bosh’s situation, it’s even harder to accept that his career is likely over because his was taken away by a medical condition that doesn’t even diminish his skill set. Injuries ending careers prematurely is always sad, but usually you can see a physical reason why someone had to step away. The burst is gone or pain is too unbearable, but with Bosh’s blood clots there’s nothing tangible that can be seen, which is why it’s understandable that, despite the seriousness of his situation, he would want to get back on the court.

Bosh can see that he could still be effective when he works out and wants the opportunity to at least end his career on his terms. However, the risk for him and the league is tremendous and that’s why the NBA has insisted on having their doctors and panel clear him before he returns.

If nothing else, Bosh’s insistence on trying to continue playing, despite getting paid the full amount remaining on his contract with the Heat, proves that he (and most every other NBA player) truly loves the game. Everyone would be thrilled to see Chris Bosh back on the basketball court, but he’s a lock to be a tremendous TV analyst whenever he chooses to go that route and most importantly we all just want him to be healthy and able to be around for years to come.