We Simulated DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis’ Career Together, And It Didn’t Go So Great

02.21.17 1 year ago 4 Comments


The Sacramento Kings and the New Orleans Pelicans shocked the NBA world on Sunday when news started circulating shortly after the NBA All-Star Game that DeMarcus Cousins had been traded to the Pelicans.

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and nonsense since. Kings general manager Vlade Divac had one of the most bizarre press conferences you’ll ever see, leaks found their way out detailing recent events that had soured the Kings’ relationship with Cousins, and, of course, NBA players had plenty to say about one of the biggest blockbuster trades in recent memory.

It’s been a magnificent couple of days that really highlighted why the NBA is the most entertaining professional sports league on planet earth, culminating in Cousins’ tearful goodbye to the city he once called home. The NBA news cycle is incredible.

One of the sillier things to come out of the Boogie trade fallout was the oh-so-accurate NBA 2K screengrab highlighting the fact that even a video game can understand how poorly the Kings handled trading away their star player. By nearly every metric, the Kings blew this one – NBA 2K silliness included.

In our attempt to add to the fun, we’re taking that NBA 2K bit and running with it. Yes, NBA 2K thought it was a trash trade, but how does NBA 2K feel about the future of DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis together in New Orleans? You’re about to find out.

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