Donovan Mitchell Loved The ‘Not A Rookie’ Chants Ben Simmons Heard From Celtics Fans

04.30.18 1 year ago

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NBA Rookie of the Year voting is over and, while both Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell continue to perform at a high level during the 2018 NBA Playoffs, the debate concerning which first-year player should be the winner simply won’t go away. In the midst of the back-and-forth, one storyline has received a lot of attention, with Mitchell not-so-subtly hinting that Simmons, who was part of the 2016 draft class and missed his first season with injury, shouldn’t be considered a rookie at all.

Supporters of Mitchell’s candidacy have adopted this position as part of their argument and, during Monday’s Game 1 between the Sixers and Celtics, fans in Boston decided to express their viewpoint against Simmons and, by proxy, in favor of Mitchell. Or maybe they just think Jayson Tatum should finish in second in Rookie of the Year voting or something.

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