Emo Jimmy Butler Returned In Fall Out Boy’s Latest Music Video

For the second straight year, Jimmy Butler decided to use preseason media day as a chance to have some fun. A year after showing up with extremely long extensions for his official photoshoot, Butler arrived to Miami’s media day with his hair straightened in an emo cut — perhaps offering a glimpse into his mood after the Heat failed to land Damian Lillard in a trade.

A visit to any of the various stats websites that use the official headshots from each season will provide a reminder of Butler’s emo look from before the season, as it really is a great bit from him. However, it appears there was more to this season’s look than just having some fun with what he’ll look like in lineup cards and on stats websites.

On Wednesday, Fall Out Boy released a new music video for their song “So Much (For) Stardust” that features Jimmy Butler (in his emo cut) wearing a bedazzled purple suit and cowboy hat, dancing in snakeskin boots alongside Pete Wentz (dressed in the same thing, but silver). That’s literally the entire 4-minute video, just a couple guys being dudes in jazzy cowboy outfits singing and dancing along to the song. It’s good timing to put out a music video featuring Butler, as he and the Heat are riding a hot streak currently, winning five straight and seven of their last eight to climb into a tie for the 5-seed in the East with Philadelphia.