George Karl Has Plenty Of Nice Things To Say Despite The ‘Furious’ Backlash To His New Book

01.13.17 2 years ago

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It has been three weeks since George Karl gave Phil Jackson a breather and became the most hated man in the NBA. His new memoir, “Furious George,” has had the former NBA coach in hot water because his stories seem bitter and mean-spirited to many. This has left him surprised and disappointed, because he’s not out to hurt anyone. After all, Karl still wants to coach in the NBA again, so burning bridges isn’t the best strategy for a comeback.

We’d be foolish to believe that Karl’s phone won’t ring again, with the way coaches are fired and recycled. But he will still be scrutinized for calling Carmelo Anthony a diva who put his brand above all else; using the dreaded P-word in describing his complications with coaching J.R. Smith; claiming the NBA has a huge steroid problem; fueling conspiracy theorists (*points to self*) who believe the NBA favors certain teams; and blaming Damian Lillard for Portland’s woes (not actually in the book, but still related). And that’s only based on the excerpts the media has reported on, because the book was only released on Tuesday.

Just as Karl admitted in his book that constantly answering questions about Anthony in Denver wore him down, he also sounds tired of talking about the backlash to his book. Still, even he must admit that it’s at least funny, if not incredibly frustrating, that he’s being ripped for calling out diva players at a time when Derrick Rose walked away from his team after fighting with his coach. Or Rajon Rondo is openly disagreeing with his coach. Or Ricky Rubio saying that he needs to “get on the same page” as Tom Thibodeau, who isn’t always the easiest coach to play for. Or we’re patting Tyronn Lue on the back for breaking LeBron James after he ran David Blatt out of Cleveland. Or… you get the point.

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