Ice Cube And Allen Iverson Gave A BIG3 Style Pep Talk To The Seahawks

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“Hope my Raiders don’t divorce me.” That’s what Ice Cube said as he slid on a pair of blue and green gloves to play around with the Seattle Seahawks on Friday. According to the Seahawks official site, Cube and Allen Iverson were in town to promote the Big3 event that was heading to Seattle on Sunday and to give the team a little pep talk ahead of the new season. What transpired was an afternoon of goofy fun, three point shots, and Cube’s take on taking a knee for the national anthem.

As you see above, Ice Cube actually seems to have this pep talk down and tells the players in attendance that they all have the freedom to make their own decisions and do their own things. It was a serious cut from a fun evening, but noteworthy in light of what has been happening and the ongoing Colin Kaepernick situation.

After that, things turned to another sport and a shooting contest between Iverson, Richard Sherman, and a few others in attendance. Also Pete Carroll was in on the good times, talking with Iverson about “practice” instead of some other sort of wild conspiracy.

Later the group hit the practice field to do some more posing for photographs and to toss the ball around a bit.

While Iverson seemed to stick with the basketball, Cube couldn’t wait to play quarterback and ended up dealing with some trash talk from Richard Sherman as a result. The Seahawks also got a chance to use “Good Day” in a tweet, which is always welcome. They had incentive here, though, especially since Cube said they’d win the Super Bowl — another dagger in the Raiders’ back.

If anything, everybody seemed to have a great time. The same can’t said about whatever poor soul ends up at the Cleveland Browns practice facility for a pep talk. “Fake a limp” isn’t exactly the most uplifting bit of advice someone can give.

(Via TMZ / Seahawks)