Joel Embiid Explained His Cryptic Instagram Post About Potential Playoff Opponents

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Earlier in the week, Joel Embiid posted a series of photos on Instagram. This is not surprising, but the posting is not always the important thing with Embiid, it’s the context.

In it, Embiid shows a series of photos of him on the court against the following teams: then Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

Curiously, he hasn’t posted anything since then, a bit surprising given his propensity for postgame Instagrams from cryptic locations using photos taken during each game. Embiid has essentially gone silent for the playoffs — something players like LeBron James do for the postseason — while laying out a potential path to an NBA title for the Sixers.

Asked about the post after a Game 3 win by reporters, Embiid was coy. But his demeanor gave away his intent with the photo series.

It’s the last thing he put on his feed, though he did use his story to express frustrations that the Sixers were “babying” him and his facial injury. But it seems like Embiid is content to leave the bread crumbs out there and do his trash talking on the court and in postgame for the postseason.

He had a good start to his playoff career on Thursday night, and it seems he intends to play for a long time this spring.