A ‘Dominant’ Game From Joel Embiid Has The Sixers On The Cusp Of The Second Round

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BROOKLYN — When the Philadelphia 76ers embarked on The Process a billion years ago — OK, the informal start was the night of the 2013 NBA Draft, although six years might as well be a billion — Sam Hinkie and Co. had a clear goal in mind: acquire superstars, or pieces that can be turned into a superstar, and compete for championships. Joel Embiid is at the center of this. A potentially transcendent talent, Embiid is, more than anyone, the manifestation of The Process, and not just because he adopted it as a nickname.

Basically, as Embiid goes, so do the Sixers. He is the heart and soul of the organization, its best player, and the rock upon which Philly hopes it can build a dynasty. Questions about his ability to stay healthy will always plague Embiid but, when he’s at his best, the All-Star center is capable of things other people just cannot do.

For proof, look at the stat line Embiid threw down on Saturday afternoon, when the 76ers came from behind to beat the Nets in Brooklyn during Game 4 of their first round series. Embiid went for 31 points, 16 rebounds, seven assists, six blocks, and two steals in a 112-108 win to put Philadelphia one game away from making the Eastern Conference Semifinals for the second straight season. Here, now, is the company Embiid joined with that performance.

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