Kristaps Porzingis Is An Animated Crime Fighter In The Hilarious ‘Detective Kristaps’

Senior Writer

The New York Knicks, bless their hearts, are still trying to figure it out. At 9-9, they’ve napped their way through the first month of the season, or at least they’ve been distracted from their on-court goals by ridiculous off-court drama. Either way, they’re not living up to the heavenly expectations of pissed off Knicks fans, who are already letting the team hear it, and easily-angered New York sports writers, whose headlines thrive with each Knicks misstep.

But the silver lining of it all is the exciting play and generally wonderful presence of the team’s rising star Kristaps Porzingis.

While hot takes declare that Carmelo Anthony needs to go, the superstar readily admits that he’s in awe of his Latvian teammate, who, in turn, reminds everyone that Anthony is crucial to his success. And how could Anthony not be in awe? The alley-oop! The vicious block! Posterizing one of those Plumlee guys into a cloud of dust! But now, finally, YouTube genius and artist Matt Hill has given Porzingis the ultimate honor: his own animated story.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hill, shame on you. His Spurs Special Forces videos are already YouTube gold, and the J.R. Smith video game should be real…

But I’ll be bold enough to declare his latest effort, “Detective Kristaps,” to be his best. If you’re not sold on this idea and wanting more based on the opening scene alone, then you simply don’t appreciate he who is Kristaps. Even if he is a rat-murdering piece of garbage.

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