LeBron James Was ‘Bothered’ That Some Cavs Players Didn’t Want The Team To Acquire Dwyane Wade

11.30.17 1 year ago 3 Comments

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Dwyane Wade joining the Cleveland Cavaliers seemed like something of a foregone conclusion when he was bought out by the Chicago Bulls earlier this year. Cleveland needed help in its backcourt and when LeBron James went to the bench, plus Wade is at a point in his career when he can “ring chase.” Also, he’s tight with LeBron, so a reunion in Cleveland just made sense.

There has been a little turmoil with Wade getting settled in — just look at his move from the starting lineup to the bench — and as it turns out, he wasn’t the most popular guy in the locker room, either. This is according to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, who talked to a pretty good source of information: LeBron James.

According to the former MVP, bringing Wade in wasn’t especially popular since it came at the expense of Richard Jefferson. As LeBron said, he was among a small group of players within the organization who wanted Wade to come on board, which bothered him.

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