LeBron Suggests Nobody Cared About NBA Stars Resting Until He Started Doing It

03.21.17 2 years ago 19 Comments

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The debate about players sitting out games when they’re perfectly healthy has dominated the news cycle this week after a pair of marquee match-ups between NBA heavyweights turned into borderline unwatchable D-League-level scrimmages. On Saturday, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to sit LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love against the Clippers in what was supposed to be a prime-time showdown on ABC.

In the immediate aftermath, Charles Barkley, Jeff Van Gundy, Doc Rivers, and the rest of the usual suspects all chimed in on the topic with varying degrees of predictability. Regardless of where you stand, most would agree that something needs to change, which is why a number of possible solutions have been floated out there, including making sure nationally-televised games aren’t scheduled when the two teams are playing back-to-backs.

After the skeleton-crew Cavs lost to the Clippers, LeBron himself admitted that the current situation isn’t ideal but seemed resigned to the fact there isn’t much to be done. On Tuesday, however, he took it a step further and suggested that the recent outcry has been primarily targeted at him because of the relentless scrutiny that accompanies every little thing he does.

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