The Cavs Rested Their Stars And Jeff Van Gundy Was Extremely Mad And Not Actually Laughing

03.18.17 1 year ago 21 Comments

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The Cavs visited the Clippers in L.A. on Saturday night in a primetime game on ABC, meaning Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, and Mike Breen were on the call. For Cleveland, it was the first game of the L.A. double, with the Lakers coming up tomorrow on a back-to-back, and so they decided Saturday would be a good night for the stars to rest as they look to remain healthy and fresh heading into the playoffs.

That means for the second straight Saturday night ABC game the best players have been resting, as the Warriors and Spurs both sent out the C-squads for last week’s “battle” in San Antonio. Never one to hide his feelings, Jeff Van Gundy launched into a tirade before the game even started.

Mike Breen outlined the reasoning behind resting players and the medical research that says players need rest especially late in the year and on back-to-backs, to which Mark Jackson said he understood protecting the players but asked “who will protect the fans” from resting players, like it was an ASPCA commercial with a Sarah McLaughlin playing in the background.

Jackson was the opening act in the outrage concert that was ESPN’s opening segment, as Jeff Van Gundy took the stage and said it was a “prosecutable offense” (!!!) what was happening to NBA fans.

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