LeBron James Will Skip A Lakers Game If It’s On The Same Day As Bronny’s USC Debut

The James family got some terrific news on Thursday. Bronny James, the eldest son of LeBron and Savannah James and a freshman with the USC Trojans basketball team, got fully cleared to return to basketball following an incident in July where he went into cardiac arrest. While all the updates that came out about Bronny indicated that he was doing well and his dad said he planned on playing for the Trojans this season, getting the all clear was still a gigantic bridge to cross, and fortunately, that day has come.

As you can guess, his old man is pretty excited about this development. In the aftermath of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 133-110 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday, LeBron told the media that nothing will keep him from missing Bronny’s first game in a Trojans uniform, and if that means he has to leave his team on the day of a game, so be it.

“He loves playing it, he loves competing, he loves being out there just having a good time, having fun, been doing it for a long time, and he’s put the work in,” James told the press. “It’ll be exciting. Looking forward to his first game whenever he’s cleared and whenever he’s ready to have his first game. I already told my teammates that if they play on the same day we’re playing, then I’ma have to catch them next game, so.”

James went on to say that it’s “family over everything,” and stressed that he has to be in attendance when Bronny takes the floor for the first time in his collegiate career.

There’s still no word on when Bronny will make his debut, but as McMenamin mentioned in his tweet, there are a few possibilities for overlap between Lakers games and Trojans games. The first game to fit that bill comes on Dec. 28, when the Lakers host the Charlotte Hornets and the Trojans travel to Eugene to take on the Oregon Ducks.