Bronny James Is In Stable Condition After Going Into Cardiac Arrest While Practicing

On Monday, Bronny James collapsed on the court after going into cardiac arrest while practicing with the USC basketball team. James was treated by medical personnel at USC and taken to the hospital where he has been discharged from the ICU and is now in stable condition.

It is good to hear that James is in stable condition after such a terrifying scare, and as noted in the statement LeBron and Savannah thanked the USC medical and athletic staff for their quick work to take care of Bronny when he collapsed. Bronny will now work towards recovery and, one would think, go through tests to determine what caused him to go into cardiac arrest. He was set to be one of the biggest stars in college basketball this season for the Trojans, but will now focus on getting healthy and taking care of his heart until doctors clear him to return to the field.

James can look to the similar situation Damar Hamlin went through over the past year after he went into cardiac arrest during a Bills game and has worked his way back into being cleared by doctors to be back on the field this summer for camp. Hopefully James can make a full recovery as well and return to playing basketball in the future.