LiAngelo Ball Claims He Only Shoplifted Cause The Other UCLA Players Did

12.05.17 6 months ago 2 Comments


LiAngelo Ball is no longer at UCLA. The middle Ball brother left the university on Monday at the behest of his father, LaVar, who cited the indefinite suspension handed to LiAngelo and the others that were arrested for shoplifting in China as the main reason for his withdrawal from the school.

After dominating the news cycle on Monday, the Balls weren’t done, as LaVar and LiAngelo appeared on The Today Show on Tuesday morning to discuss their situation. LaVar, naturally, discussed his ongoing feud with Donald Trump over whether he should thank the president for his assistance in getting LiAngelo and the other UCLA players out of China.

As for LiAngelo, he finally offered details into what went down in China and why he and the others shoplifted from the Louis Vuitton store in a Chinese mall, which led to the entire international incident. As Ball explained, he was just going along with what everyone else was doing and didn’t really think about it until he got back to his hotel room that night and thought about how it was probably a poor decision.

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