Michael Jordan Reveals Who His Pick Would Be To Star In ‘Space Jam 2’

Even though there is no more momentum to Space Jam 2 happening than there was a year ago, for some reason people can’t stop talking about the presumed sequel to the Michael Jordan-Looney Tunes team-up this summer. As the crying face meme himself can attest, the prospect of another movie filled with stars of both the court and the toons has a certain allure.

It has so much allure that when MJ was addressing an assembly of youths (presumably at a summer camp), one kid jumped up and asked His Airness who his choice would be to step into his shoes. (Which shoes? Come on, you know the answer already.) Rather than LeBron James, Steph Curry or Kevin Durant, MJ’s choice was a bit of a surprise, and a genius pick at that — Blake Griffin.

It’s a surprise because Blake’s persona isn’t at the height of its regard right now, considering how he missed months this past season after breaking his hand on a Clippers trainer’s face. Yet Blake is still one of the best players in the NBA, with the kind of acrobatic dunks needed from a Space Jam star. What’s more, Blake is ace in front of the camera, with a Channing Tatum-esque deadpan. He’d be hard-pressed to top Jeremy Lin in Space Jam 3, but he’s well equipped.

And it’s not a coincidence Blake is the unofficial player behind Jordan Brand’s Super.Fly signature shoe line. And the Super.Fly 4 kick was inspired by Marvin the Martian, which naturally leads to thoughts of Space Jam.

That being said, you know it’s going to be LeBron James, as long as the movie gets made in the next three years or so. Still, never underestimate the power of crossover brand approval.