Jeremy Lin Stars In An Incredible ‘Space Jam 3’ Anime Trailer That Should Be An Actual Movie

Listen, even to us the concept of Space Jam can wear a little thin. Sure, another one might be coming, but how many tweets have you read about who should be in it? Too many, right? Well, enough about Space Jam 2: The Jammening, we’re here to talk about Space Jam 3, set in the world of anime and starring Jeremy Lin.

Cast with legends Goku, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh and some fourth anime character you can feel free to make fun of me for not knowing, Lin whips a somehow-incompetent squad of superpowered individuals against a team of… kinda normal-looking basketball players with one chubby dude? It doesn’t matter — what the premise lacks in solidity, it more than makes up for in attention to anime detail, complete looniness and Jeremy Lin’s earnest performance. Seriously, there’s so much palpable joy in this fake trailer, it’s completely disarming.

Also, I love that the anime guys think Lin is Michael Jordan. They weren’t excited to get Jeremy Lin, Professional Asian Basketball Player — rather, they use the self-deprecating humor that has been emblematic of the new wave of Asian entertainment finally allowed to penetrate the American cultural discourse (namely Fresh Off The Boat). It just adds to the charm.