An NBA Executive Believes There’s Only One Way Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo Keeps His Job

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We’re getting closer and closer to coming to some kind of resolution in the most bizarre scandal in the NBA this season. On Tuesday, a report dropped that suggested Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo was behind a handful of Twitter accounts that leaked information, some of it sensitive, and openly criticized players. The fine folks that make up Sixers Twitter participated in some sleuthing, which led to evidence that tied at least three of these burner Twitter accounts to Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini.

But while the internet was doing its thing, Philadelphia announced it would do its own investigation into the allegations against the leader of its front office. It turns out the results of said investigation are expected come sometime soon, according to Keith Pompey of Philly.com.

As Pompey wrote, the results could drop as early as Friday, meaning we might not be in line for a mid-NBA Finals Game 1 news dump. Pompey also wrote that “some league sources expect Colangelo to lose his job,” while one NBA executive who remained anonymous said there’s only one path out for Colangelo.

“The only way that he’ll get out of it is if he comes with evidence that somebody set him up,” the executive told Pompey. “If it is out there where they can’t prove either way, I don’t think he’ll keep his job. And if there’s involvement with a family member, it doesn’t look like he has a chance either.”

Colangelo has reportedly said he believes he’s being set up, but this suggests that even if he wasn’t set up and this was a case of someone close to him venting frustrations in defense of the Sixers’ GM, he’d still be out of a job. It makes sense — it stands to reason that even if Colangelo had zero idea what was going on, he is still sharing sensitive information with someone who has no problem making it public. It’s really hard for anyone to come back from that.

But of course, we won’t know for sure if this will be the case until the Sixers announce that they’ve concluded their investigation. The good news, based on Pompey’s report, is that we should know what those results are sometime soon.