The NBA World Continued To Mourn The Death Of Nipsey Hussle

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Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside of his Marathon clothing store in Los Angeles on Sunday. News of the shooting shocked many in the music community, but Hussle was more than just a rapper. He was an entrepreneur, an activist, and an influential NBA fan.

Many players in the Association immediately reacted with an outpouring of support when news of his shooting spread. And soon it was revealed that he had died as a result of the shooting. That saw even more players and teams reach out to share stories about Hussle and the impact he had on them through his music and friendship.

The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers each honored Hussle with in-arena celebrations of his life on Sunday, and afterward Steph Curry and other Warriors players spoke about the impact his death had on them. That continued on social media, with Curry sharing an image of he and Hussle from a show they shot last summer.

LeBron James shared more stories about Hussle’s impact, which went well beyond just music in Los Angeles.


Many posted images of Hussle and themselves on Instagram, sharing stories about the impact his music or friendship had on them.

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“If it wasn’t for the MARATHON, I wouldn’t of made it through” @nipseyhussle Damn! Damn! Damn! When i got the news yesterday before the game it reminded me when I got the news about my sister. It hit my heart straight on!!! I just spoke to you a few days ago cuz like this can’t be real. It seemed like our careers took off at the same time, I listened to your music EVERYDAY since ‘08 and we built our friendship up ever since then. You been REAL since day 1 and always showed me genuine love! You touched more lives than you would ever imagine and got people through real life situations by just being who you are… This is one of the toughest post I’ve ever had to make, I didn’t want to believe anything that I was hearing and I still don’t. You really had the world running they MARATHON! I remember every time I came by the shop to show love to you and the homies y’all would walk me to my car and tell me “Be safe out here”. This hit home and I pray that God protects your family, your kids and the whole HOOD. You inspired a whole generation with your music and what you stood for, no matter who you were or how your life was you could relate to what Nip was speaking through his music whether you was in the streets, a athlete, doctor it didn’t matter because it was about grindin for whatever you believed in! The world felt this shit and it will never be the same but ima do everything I can to keep this MARATHON life going. All Money IN no money OUT! Thank you for changing the world @nipseyhussle “So if it’s meant, than it’s gon be
People love it, cause they know that it’s the real me
The cops hate it, so they hope my homies kill me
But I don’t want the fame, I just want y’all to feel me
It’s my time, so I’m going in
We ball till we fall, F*** how the story ends
We see these niggas hatin’
I know you hoes plotting
I ain't worried bout it
Cause I know God got me” RIP @nipseyhussle

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Kyle Kuzma of the Lakers shared a particularly heartbreaking story about the impact Hussle’s mixtapes had on his career and his outlook on life.

Dwyane Wade spoke to the Miami Sun-Sentinel and shared his thoughts on Hussle’s death. He was friends with Hussle’s partner, Lauren London, and said his heart went out to his family and especially his children.

“And it’s unfortunate, as we continue to lose so many important young men in this world, especially the ones who are doing good and are trying to do good for others,” he said. “It’s a big loss. It’s a big loss for our community. It’s a big loss for his family. It’s a big loss for this world.

“So it’s a sad night. It’s a sad day for us, for everyone who loves his music, everyone who got a chance to get to know him and everyone who knows his family.”

More tributes are sure to come, as it’s clear the music and legacy of Nipsey Hussle will live on for a very long time even after his life was tragically cut short far too soon.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.