The Clippers And Warriors Paid Tribute To Nipsey Hussle Hours After His Shooting Death

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The tragic shooting death of Nipsey Hussle was a shock to many on Sunday, as word of the attack and later his death rocked the music industry. Many musicians and fans mourned his death online as details of the gun attack in front of his LA store were made public.

LeBron James, Steph Curry and many other NBA players expressed shock about the gun violence and later Hussle’s passing, offering kind words to his family and words explaining their own grief. To some, Hussle was more than just a musician they were a fan of — he was a friend and a mutual fan in kind. And on Sunday, some active NBA teams paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle in their buildings.

The Los Angeles Clippers, who Hussle often watched play, gave a special tribute to Hussle at Staples Center on Sunday night. Video footage was displayed on the video board above the court as fans cheered the rapper, and after the game the team paid tribute by hanging a custom Nipsey Hussle jersey in the locker room.

The Golden State Warriors offered their own, more subtle tribute on Sunday as well, playing a Hussle track in the arena.

A few Warriors players, such as Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, seemed to take special note to the occasion. It’s clear Hussle’s death touched many in the NBA, and as time moves forward more teams will take time to pay tribute to a talented musician and fan gone far too soon.