Shaq Promises He Won’t Mention JaVale McGee’s Name On TNT Ever Again

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Let’s recap where we are in the ongoing Shaquille O’Neal/JaVale McGee feud.

So Shaq, whose own mom asked him to stop making fun of McGee in what is easily the most ridiculous story of 2017, promised to never mock McGee ever again.

Shaq: “We don’t pick on people. We don’t try to ruin people’s careers.”
Ernie Johnson, the voice of reason: “Didn’t it get out of hand when your mom has to step in and his mom is stepping in? Didn’t it go too far?”
Shaq: “It didn’t get out of hand, but my mother is someone who I love and respect and she told me to stop it and don’t bring it up again, so I’m not going to talk about it ever again. His name won’t ever come out of my mouth ever again.”

Maybe the most ridiculous part of this is how Shaq then credited his “Shaqtin’ A Fool” bit for turning Otto Porter into a great 3-point shooter. Yes. It wasn’t coaching and practice — it was the motivation to not be the focus of some TNT bit. And Tom Brady won a fifth Super Bowl because I made fun of his pajamas.

So that’s it. We’re done with this. Never again. Until McGee responds to this. We’ll see you then.

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