JaVale McGee Insists He’s Not Confrontational, Despite His Ugly Beef With Shaq

03.01.17 2 years ago

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JaVale McGee and Shaq’s beef has come to an abrupt end after both of their mothers got involved. The latest escalation of their feud started late last Thursday after Shaq ran yet another lengthy video on TNT detailing the many mistakes and bloopers McGee has made over his NBA career.

That video turned out to be the last straw for McGee, who has long been ridiculed by fans and the media for being a dumb player. McGee and Shaq had a heated Twitter exchange overnight and then Kevin Durant and Steve Kerr both spoke out in McGee’s defense at Warriors practice on Friday. O’Neal responded to Durant, telling him to stay out of it, and continued to call McGee “a bum,” before mothers (and the Warriors) stepped in and everything stopped.

McGee recently spoke with Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post in a feature on his emergence this season as a productive rotation player on the league’s best team, and noted that the reason he went off the way he did was that Shaq’s latest video finally proved to be too much after an accumulation of jokes and people making fun of him (not just O’Neal).

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