Steph Curry Hopes His Ownership Group With Diddy Can Buy The Panthers In The Near Future

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The Carolina Panthers are still looking for an owner in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against Jerry Richardson. While there isn’t much out there about who has the inside track to owning the team, one group of celebrities and athletes are making a public push to purchase the organization. The group is most notably spearheaded by Diddy and Steph Curry, with Colin Kaepernick throwing his hat in the ring as a potential co-owner.

If a celebrity ownership group sounds like the kind of thing that might not be serious for some reason, Curry is here to shoot that down whenever he has to. The Golden State Warriors star and former NBA MVP spoke with TMZ about the campaign to buy the team, and was adamant that he and Diddy actually want to own his hometown squad.

“This is a real thing, so hopefully it happens sooner than later,” Curry said.

When asked about the steps the two have taken towards making this happen, Curry made it clear that there’s a lot that still needs to happen, but there have been discussions about purchasing the Panthers.

“I’ve talked to Diddy for sure, kind of let the whole thing play out,” Curry said. “A lot of work to do, though.”

Time will tell if Diddy and Curry’s group ultimately gets the team, but one thing is for sure: The duo are doing what they can to be a part of whatever group ultimately owns the Panthers.

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