Steph Curry On Sending Shoes To His Haters: ‘I Might Have To Send Them To MJ’

With three championships, five NBA Finals appearances, two MVP awards and the title as greatest shooter ever it’s hard to make a case against Stephen Curry as a lock for the Hall of Fame. The peak of his career has locked him into NBA mortality with a Golden State Warriors dynasty that dominated the league. The only box he has yet to check off his list is an NBA Finals MVP award. What more is there for him to accomplish beyond that?

For Hornets owner and former Bulls great Michael Jordan, there’s apparently still plenty more for Curry to do. He infamously said that Curry wasn’t a Hall of Famer yet, which is a rather odd statement to make, but when the Greatest Of All Time says you aren’t in the hall yet then Curry is gonna have to go out there and prove it to him.

Initially, Curry took it all in stride and just spoke about how he’s always trying to get better and retired players usually like to chime in on today’s NBA. It’s supposed to be fun, he said, but recently Curry was asked about his “haters” and if he ever sends his shoes to them. While Curry is well-known for being generous in sending out his shoes, he said he doesn’t typically send shoes out to haters, but he might have to change that rule for Jordan.

It’s a funny comment by Curry about a discussion that’s died down enough for him to make jokes about it, which is good. What would be even better is if he actually did send MJ a pair of shoes. He’s sent out custom shoes to people like Guy Fieri’s son, so maybe Curry can send a pair of crying Jordan shoes if he’s being a little antagonistic about it. Or if he wants to be nice he can do something cool with Jordan’s six rings.

But Curry should be warned. When it comes to shoe trash talk Jordan is not someone to be trifled with, as Jordan is the owner of arguably the greatest trash talking shoe moment ever. In a game between the Nets and Bulls, former Nets player Jim Jackson was feeling himself and started trash talking Jordan. By this point, Jordan had already won four titles and would be on his way to win a fifth, but that didn’t stop Jackson from taking a shot at the GOAT. Jordan didn’t need to do much to shut Jackson up. He took one look at his feet and said to him “You know, you’re talking a lot of stuff to have my shoes on.”

Be aware of who you want to talk shoes with, Steph. It might come back to bite you.