Report: The Warriors Have A ‘Long-Term Vision’ For D’Angelo Russell Alongside Curry And Thompson

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The Golden State Warriors made it a point to get something back after Kevin Durant left for the Brooklyn Nets, and fortunately for them, Brooklyn just happened to have an All-Star they could send to San Francisco. The Dubs were able to swing a trade that led to them acquiring D’Angelo Russell, who agreed to a max contract extension.

There was a bit of weirdness to the move in that reports started circulating that Golden State planned to move him at some point in the future. Whether it was as soon as possible or at some point near the trade deadline was unclear, but a report made it sound like he wouldn’t see out his four-year deal with the team.

But as it turns out, that may not end up being the case. Shams Charania of The Athletic made a cameo on NBA TV and broke down the thinking from Russell’s end. Apparently, the talented young guard would not have signed a lengthy extension if he didn’t think he was part of some type of plan, one that the Warriors have that might involve him becoming the latest third Splash Brother.

“If D’Angelo Russell believed he was gonna leave after a year with the Warriors, he would have never decided to sign that maximum contract with the Warriors,” Charania said. “They have a long-term vision for D’Angelo Russell, they believe he fits great alongside Steph Curry, Klay Thompson.”

Charania went onto point out that Russell thrives with the ball in his hands, while Curry and Thompson are excellent at moving off the ball. He then mentioned that Golden State felt it “needed a splashy signing” following Durant leaving town and with a move to a new arena on the horizon.

As always, it’s important to remember that conflicting reports do not necessarily mean that one person is wrong and another is right, it very likely just means there are a whole lot of moving parts right now and. But if he does stick around, this is a glimpse inside how the Warriors might end up using Russell as a playmaker who frees up Curry and Thompson to fly around and do some really fun stuff on offense.