Diane Keaton Celebrated The ‘Good Men’ She Has Worked With Over The Years — Like Steve Martin, Martin Short, and… Mel Gibson

Put aside the serial rapists, sexual harassers, and child porn enthusiasts and Hollywood has some pretty darn good men. At least that’s what Diane Keaton is telling us, and she should know. She’s been working steadily within the industry for more than 50 years now and has collaborated with some legendary actors and directors—including Woody Allen, with whom she made more than a half-dozen movies over the years and was romantically involved. So, as The Wrap reports, she took it upon herself to post a fairly bizarre video to Instagram on Thursday in which she celebrates the good men of Hollywood in song, which she aptly titled “Good Men” and posted with the caption “GOOD MEN!!!” Alright, good men, got it, let’s go…

The fact that the video itself is just a series of black-and-white head shots of some of Hollywood’s most famous leading men with Keaton singing Rosemary Clooney’s “You’ll Never Know” in the background makes it sort of feel like an Oscar tribute to old white dudes who have recently died, but it’s not that (at least not in most cases). It’s assumedly Keaton making sure that while we’re bombarded with headlines about Harvey Weinstein and the like, we don’t forget the very good men who are out there. Like Warren Beatty, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, Jude Law (meh), Martin Short (weird choice, but solid), Sam Shepard (hot!), Mel Gibson, Steve Martin… wait—back that sh*t up! Mel Gibson? The guy from Mad Max and those unhinged drunk driving videos where he spews some anti-Semitic hate? The same man who apparently asked Winona Ryder, who is Jewish, if she was an “oven-dodger.”

But listen, people are different behind closed doors and it’s entirely possible that Keaton knows a side of Gibson that is not a fountain of hate speech. And just because she specifically included him in her list of “Good Men!!!” doesn’t mean that we should ever question the Oscar winner’s opinion… even when she’s swearing up and down that Sofia Coppola was “fantastic” in The Godfather Part III (dear reader: she was not).

You can watch the full video for yourself above.

(Via The Wrap)