John Cena Is Apparently Starring In A Hypnotism Prank Show On Facebook

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John Cena is distracting himself from the ever-present lack of Bella in his life with a new show that isn’t Total Divas. The difficult-to-view grappler beloved by child fans of the squared circle is putting himself in a position he’s familiar with: making dreams come true. But this time the show comes with a catch: hypnotism.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news on Wednesday, and Cena is teaming up with celebrity hypnotist Chris Jones to prank some folks. According to EW, Jones is hanging out with Cena and other celebrities as they meet a huge fan of said celebrities. But the catch is what Jones is best at: the super fan will be hypnotized and won’t even recognize their idols.

Cena loves making his fans’ wishes come true. He famously is the all-time leader in Make A Wish wishes, but this is a different kind of fan meet-and-greet.

At the beginning of each episode, Jones will hypnotize an unsuspecting fan before they meet their favorite celebrity. For all the skeptics out there, this is something you have to see to believe. Each episode of the Cena-produced series will run 12 to 15 minutes long, during which time the fan and celebrity (without sporting a single disguise) will interact in a range of everyday circumstances, from cake decorating to restaurant chats, without ever realizing who they are spending the day with.

It should be a welcome distraction from what’s left of his relationship with Nikki Bella, which has essentially upended his life in a major way. In, like, an appearing on national television with Hoda trying to come to grips with it kind of major way.

In any event, Cena also looks like this now:

And he’s excited about the chance to appear on Facebook.

It’s not initially clear whether Cena will just terrify celebrities with his jacked frame or he has something more mischievous in mind as he takes part in these shenanigans, but it’s just good to see him getting out there. The six-episode series hits the social network’s video platform on September 5, and Pamela Anderson, Steve-O, Adam Rippon, NeNe Leakes, and comedian Gabriel Iglesias will also appear on the show.