Tubi Users Aren’t Hesitating To Share Why The Streamer Is Thriving Beyond Expectations

Streaming used to be fun. You’d pick a silly movie to watch while you are doing laundry, and there wasn’t that pressure to keep up with everything in real time. Now, you log onto Netflix, and suddenly you are reminded that you have 5 episodes of Bridgerton to watch in addition to Under Paris, plus the entire season of The Bear you will need to check out on Hulu at the end of the month. It’s…a lot.

But many people have been trading the consuming (and expensive) worlds of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ for the carefree, calmer life at Tubi. In fact, people might prefer it.

According to Nielsen data (reported by The L.A. Times), May 2024 was Tubi’s most-watched month ever with an average of 1 million viewers, up 46% from last year. This narrowly beats Disney+’s 969,000 viewers from last month and easily beats Max, Paramount+ and Peacock. Currently, YouTube is the only free ad-supported streaming platform that surpasses Tubi.

Why Tubi? It’s quite simple: it’s free! Not only that, but there are hundreds of thousands of titles consisting of both long-lost shows and fan-favorites.

Thanks to the rising cost of streaming services (and… everything else) it should be no surprise that a cheaper streaming option is thriving.

Tubi is for the people of TASTE! And those of us who didn’t get a chance to watch shows like NBC’s 2013 drama Believe, which is now a major hit on the streamer. Shows never really end anymore, do they?

Nicole Parlapiano, Tubi’s chief marketing officer, says that the streamer gives shows a second chance because they listen to what fans want. “There is a gentleman on Reddit who actually has a spreadsheet with synopses of all of our horror movies,” Parlapiano said. “We are really good at tapping into fandom communities, whether it be on Reddit or TikTok.”

Whatever happens, the prophecy is one step closer to coming true:

(Via The L.A. Times)