This Is The Only Part Of ‘Bridgerton’s ‘Mirror Scene’ (The Show’s Longest Sex Scene) That Netflix Felt Comfortable Sharing On Social Media

It’s what Bridgerton fans have been waiting for: the mirror scene.

In season 3, episode 5 of the Netflix series, Penelope Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) engage in the show’s lengthiest (and “hottest”) sex scene to date. It goes on for nearly six minutes.

“Luke and I decided entirely what we wanted to show on camera,” Coughlan said about the scene. “We had a lot of say in the mirror scene in particular, how that was shot and that we wanted that to be front-facing into the mirror and undress in front of it. It was like an amazing moment, and also I was like, when I’m 80, I’m gonna look back and be like, ‘My boobs look great! They’re all my own and they’re sitting up there.’ No regrets.”

Things got so heated between Coughlan and Newton, they accidentally broke a piece of on-set furniture during filming.

“We did break a piece of furniture while doing one of those scenes,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. “I didn’t know what it was gonna be like, but it’s a little bit like a stunt in which they’re like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna do this, this, and this.’ But then they gave us freedom to like, we had a lot of say in how we did those scenes and what we wanted to do.” She added, “It was fun.”

Hopefully Coughlan’s parents are enjoying the PG cut of the mirror scene — or they can watch the clip that Netflix uploaded to its Twitter account. Porn is allowed on the “everything app,” but this is still probably all that the streaming service felt comfortable sharing.

Bridgerton season 3 part 2 is streaming on Netflix now.