Seth Rogen Would Like You To Know That All The Senators Left During His Alzheimer’s Research Testimony

We’ve all watched Seth Rogen testify before the Senate about Alzheimer’s research by now because it is just really, really great. What you may not have realized though is that by the time Rogen got to talking to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health & Human Services on the lack of funding towards scientific research on the issue, just about all the elected officials on the subcommittee had left. Here’s what he had to share on Twitter.

Basically a bunch of Senators showed up to snap photos with the actor and give the appearance of a packed crowd, only to bolt once he started going. Maybe it’s because he’s Canadian. More likely it just perfectly outlines how Congress looks at this sort of thing as nice publicity and not much else.

This exchange between Rogen and Senator Mark Kirk is a nice summation.

UPDATE: Senator Kirk did respond. It was a little nicer than “TL;DW.”

Via AV Club & Gawker