Conan And Will Arnett Bruise Each Other’s Pride While Testing Out ‘Arms’ For Nintendo Switch On ‘Cluless Gamer’

The latest Clueless Gamer takes the popular Conan segment out of its normal locale and into a funky looking battleground for a game of Arms on Nintendo Switch. The change in setting is necessary for Conan to take on Will Arnett and ensure that both men don’t crash into each other with their massive egos. There’s some playful hatred between these two throughout the battle, with Will Arnett making a fool of Coco both in the game and in the real world.

The stakes of the contest are high because the loser has to record a video for the online audience that praises their opponent in a shameful display. Pride and honor are the greatest prize of all in life, with anything less earning you the ridicule of a gangly Irish television host who can’t walk in direct sunlight and doesn’t sweat. So you can’t really blame Arnett for taking this game as seriously as possible and using every tactic he can to get ahead.

We’ve all likely tried to restart the game while your friend was in the bathroom or other equally sinister tactics, but it’s a special quality to distract someone and beat them while they’re still in the room. Arnett is a natural at Arms and you have to think he’s already got the game at home.

Probably the best part of this segment is how it honestly sells the game pretty well. Most of the Clueless Gamer segments are far more concerned about Conan’s reaction to the game, but this really captures the fun of playing this. If you thought it was a silly game when it was first announced, this adds a few layers to it.

(Via Team Coco)