Conan Is Completey Weirded Out By ‘Final Fantasy XV’ In The Latest Clueless Gamer

When Conan is faced with a game that requires Aaron Bleyaert to explain the plot, setting, characters, mission, background, or anything else past what the buttons do, you’re usually in for a pretty good time on Clueless Gamer. This might be Conan at his most clueless, though, alongside an equally confused Elijah Wood. Both of them are trying out Final Fantasy XV and the end result forces Conan to do this:

Not only is there an extended segment at the start that involves pushing a car in the desert, walking through said desert, and then camping, but the pair also finds out that a boss fight takes three full days of real world time to complete. I wasn’t aware of that last bit myself and it just makes me think that the people took the series longevity to heart this time around. You’ll be playing this until the next two entries pop out.

There’s also a lot of questions about why the newspaper would be writing about a dress. It all makes sense if you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game before, there’s plenty of avenues and story ideas that you just go with. But it’s played up with entertaining results from Conan and Wood. He even manages to call it an “epic blue balls waste of time” before realizing the people who made the game were outside the door and watched the segment as it was being filmed. When he walks out and has to talk to them, it’s worth three days of fighting a gigantic boss for some sort of crystal.

(Via Team Coco)