Nintendo Is Bringing Back The NES Classic Due To Popular Demand

09.12.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

We were long scratching our heads about why Nintendo discontinued their absurdly popular NES Classic, aka the Mini-NES, a miniaturized replica of the NES that came with one controller (with a too-short cord), 30 games, an HDMI cable, and a USB cable for $60. The cute little nostalgia tchotchke quickly sold out, leaving people having to buy the units from scalpers who hoarded consoles. It turned out Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic to focus on producing more of their new $300 Switch consoles rather than meet the unexpected demand for the $60 NES Classic. They were also planning to roll out their SNES Classic. They must have gotten their production issues settled, considering their newest two announcements.

We already covered their first announcement: Nintendo will make more units of the SNES Classic to help avoid shortages. They’ll also sell them through 2018:

This morning Nintendo made a second announcement: They’re bringing back the NES Classic.

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