50 Cent Trolls Two Artists At Once, Implying That Tekashi 69 ‘Snitched’ On 21 Savage

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50 Cent has long been recognized as a next-level troll but this time around, he may have outdone himself, racking up a two-for-one special with his latest, now-deleted Instagram post. In the wake of both Tekashi 69’s recent downfall and 21 Savage’s arrest by ICE for his illegal immigrant status, 50 posted a meme positing that Tekashi was the one who sold out 21 Savage to the authorities for a lighter sentence. The post was screenshot before it was deleted; check it out below.


The caption reads: “This is real King of New York. I mean Nikki Barnes shit going on but yall gonna play his music so just chill already. LOL.” The meme itself contains a photo of Tekashi in court, with an imagined dialogue overhead reading, “[Tekashi]: ‘I ain’t a snitch.’ Judge: ‘You are looking at 47 years of hard time.’ [Tekashi]: ‘You guys ever noticed 21 Savage looks British?'” The “joke” clearly references the fact that 21 Savage’s birth certificate confirms he was born in London, a fact which incited similar gags on Twitter on its discovery.

Ironically, Tekashi was confirmed to be cooperating with authorities’ investigation into the illegal activities of his Nine Trey Bloods associates, who he says he only dealt with to promote his rap career. Meanwhile, 21 Savage may have also been cooperating with the investigation of a crime as part of his application for a U visa — which may have actually led ICE to his door.