J. Cole Fans Are Sure He’s In ‘Album Mode’ After He Clears His Instagram Posts

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Usually when an artist clears their social media, it’s a surefire sign they’ve got a big project in the works — although in some cases, it’s not so much. Now, J. Cole isn’t very active on social media but when even his posts get deleted, it might mean something is brewing. At least, that’s what some fans believe after his Instagram — which has over 3.6 million followers — reverted to a default profile pic and all his photos disappeared overnight.

Of course, we do know that Dreamville Records, J. Cole’s label, just wrapped the massive recording session for Revenge Of The Dreamers III, a compilation follow-up to the Revenge Of The Dreamers II EP that introduced some of the label’s new artists like Cozz and Lute back in 2015. This time around, it appears the tracklist will be much more expansive, with over 80 artists invited to the recording sessions, including the newest Dreamville residents Earthgang and JID. However, as of now, the only Dreamville artist whose Instagram has been cleared is J. Cole’s, which some fans have taken as an indication that he is working on his own solo project.

If he is, it will mean he’s picking up his recording pace post-KOD, his 2018 album which was released two years after its predecessor, 4 Your Eyez Only.

Which 2019 already looking to be a big year for Dreamville after JID’s impressive breakout last year and Earthgang’s album on the way, adding a J. Cole solo project to their schedule wouldn’t be a bad look at all. With all eyes directed on the label, their next moves must be their best moves if they’re to capitalize on all the newfound attention.