Kanye West Has Pushed Back The ‘Yandhi’ Release Date Yet Again

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Looking back on September 29, 2018, it would seem that nothing of note happened in the world of Kanye West. Fans probably remember, however, that that date was when his upcoming album, Yandhi, was supposed to be released. However, when that day came, it did not bring Yandhi with it. A couple days after that, though, Kim Kardashian tweeted a new release date for the album: November 23, aka Black Friday. That’s just over a week away now, but it looks like Yandhi won’t be dropping then either.

Kanye and Kid Cudi performed at Camp Flog Gnaw this weekend, putting on their debut show as Kids See Ghosts. Now Kanye says that after that performance, he doesn’t feel like Yandhi will be ready for a November 23 release. Last night, he tweeted, “It felt so good being on the stage last night with my brother Cudi. After performing again, I realize the new album I’ve been working on isn’t ready yet. I’ll announce the release date once it’s done. Thank you for understanding.”

Kanye previously discussed what the album would be like, saying it will be paradigm-breaking: “The album is so good. I’m incorporating sounds you’ve never heard before and pushing concepts that people don’t talk about. We have concepts about body shaming, and women being looked down upon because of how many people they’ve slept with.”