Kyle Busts Out Some Extraterrestrial Movies In His Futuristic ‘To The Moon’ Video

Perpetually upbeat Ventura rapper Kyle may be best known for his sunny disposition, but in his latest video, the nearest beach is 238,900 miles away. In the David Camarena-directed video for “To The Moon,” the Light Of Mine rapper dons the shiny spacesuit getup from his out-of-this-world Coachella performance earlier this year to shoot some mean dance moves (no Michael Jackson moonwalk, unfortunately) with his friends on a green screened lunar landscape.

Kyle portrays a starship captain alongside his cohorts, including right hand man SuperDuperBrick, floating through the endless expanse and suiting up for a zero-gee spacewalk that finds him enjoying the view and exploring the surface of the moon. The video also cleverly references SpaceX’s recent launch of a David Bowie-playing Tesla, with Kyle “driving” a sports car through the vacuum.

“To The Moon,” intriguingly, was actually the first single from Kyle’s debut album, Light Of Mine, but it’s the third one to receive the visual treatment. For “Playinwitme,” featuring Kehlani, Kyle threw it back to ’90s kids’ game shows, staging a goofy Dating Game-style matchmaking enterprise, while “Ikuyo,” with 2 Chainz and Sophia Black was given a crayon-colored, illustrated lyric video that turned Kyle into a superhero to save his homie Brick from an evil supercomputer.

Kyle’s Light Of Mine is out now on Atlantic Records. Get it here.