Nipsey Hussle Explains Why He Displayed A Photo Of Kanye West While Performing ‘FDT’

When it comes to rappers making political statements, few of them have recently been quite as vocal or direct as Kanye West and Nipsey Hussle. While Kanye has notably alienated a sizable chunk of his fanbase by throwing his support behind President Trump, the equally-outspoken Nipsey was quick to broadcast his disapproval during a recent performance of his anti-Trump hit single, “FDT,” by displaying a photo of Kanye on his stage’s screen.

Sitting down for an interview with Nessa (aka @NessNitty) of Hot 97, Nipsey explained his rationale for displaying Kanye’s MAGA hat-wearing photo during his performance, saying that while he is a fan of Kanye and Kanye’s music, he needed to send a message. He also offered up his own explanation for Kanye’s recent, bizarre turn toward embracing incendiary, right-wing rhetoric.

“I wanted to create a moment,” he explained, Honestly, this is the truth and the honest thought that I had, you know: Ye trollin‘. We know that. He trolling for some type of reaction. So to troll the guy that’s trolling on the stage, that’s all I was really doing.”

While he still considers himself a Kanye West supporter, he does seem to hope that Kanye eventually pulls an about-face regarding his recent dispatches, saying, “I really am a fan of Ye’s music. I think Ye is important to hip-hop,” he said.”I just don’t agree with that part of his convo.”

“We so used to just riding with the people that’s apart of hip-hop and that represent what we represent…that we had to be vocal like ‘we not riding with that, bro.'” he said. “You gotta come back home.”