An Arizona Promoter Who Says He’s El Chapo’s Nephew Threatened To Have Tekashi 69’s Mom Deported

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In a bizarre new twist to the already convoluted tale of Tekashi 69, The Daily Beast reports that an Arizona show promoter claiming to be both Tekashi’s new manager and crime boss El Chapo’s nephew apparently threatened to have the rapper’s mother deported over a missed show. The Beast has a recording it says is of the Arizona man, Jose Avila, calling Tekashi’s security team to make the threats. The recording can be heard at The Daily Beast’s post, which also details the strange, alleged connection between the two men.

Apparently, Avila, incensed that Tekashi bailed on a show he had been promoting in November in Austin, Texas, called the rapper to cajole him into make the appearance, despite Tekashi’s probation obligations. Tekashi was, at the time, on probation for sex crime involving a juvenile.

You need to please tell Danny bro’ that he needs to fucking call me and that he needs to come to my show, okay? I ain’t his f*cking n—-s, I ain’t his fu*king brother. He ain’t going to play with me. He needs to come to his show or I’m going to cut his probation, okay? His brother lives there. His mother lives there. She don’t even have no f*cking papers. I know a lot of government people and I’m going to send his ass to jail if he doesn’t come to Austin, Texas, today.

Avila made the claims of his relation to Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman to Tekashi’s booking agent at MTA Booking in Atlanta, texting: “My uncle [is] in New York. Guzman Loera… My uncle sons control all USA.” Tekashi did confirm that he would continue to do business with Avila’s company, Avila music, on Instagram, in the same post he noted that he’d fired his management team.

While Avila’s claims are probably a stretch at best, they’re at least a reminder that Tekashi seemed to seek out business partners with dubious connections. He’s currently awaiting trial, which is set for next year.

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