Tekashi 69’s Former Team Was Reportedly Planning To Assassinate Him

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When federal agents arrested Tekashi 69 two weeks ago on racketeering charges, they may have saved his life, according to a wiretap recording revealed as part of the investigation. TMZ reports that the supposed threats to “super violate” Tekashi made by members of his former team, whom he revealed he had fired at the beginning of the month, may have been more serious than previously assumed.

According to the report, prosecutors submitted a transcript of a wiretap of several members of the ex-management team that detailed plans to make a violent move against the Brooklyn rapper. On the recording, Jamel Jones, aka “Mel Murda,” tells an associate, “[Tekashi] is trying to dry snitch at the same time, homie. But he keep saying, f*ck Treway, f*ck that n—-, Treyway. Ain’t no n—-, Treway. F*ck Treway.” The response, given by Kifano Jordan, aka “Shottie,” Tekashi’s former manager, is equally ominous: “I’m a feed him though.” The prosecutors in the case are pretty certain that in this context, “feed,” doesn’t mean food but bullets.

Another section of the transcript finds an unnamed associate saying, “That’s cool. Now he gotta get violated.” Jones replies with the previously mentioned threat of violation: “Yeah, super violated. Super duper. Ain’t no much he could really do unless he run around with 100 armed securities all day.”

Due to the fact that Tekash apparently wasn’t paying his security bill before he was arrested, it may ultimately turn out that he’s thankful for the arrest, which has landed him in a facility for inmates that need extra protection, at least until his court date in September 2019.