The Game Couldn’t Sleep After Nipsey Hussle Was Shot To Death At His Own Store

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While hip-hop turned out online in honor of the late Nipsey Hussle, one of his closest and earliest collaborators couldn’t be satisfied with just a Tweet or an Instagram post. Compton rapper The Game found himself roaming the streets of Los Angeles at 4 AM after he couldn’t sleep, live streaming his thoughts on the murder.

Here’s a brief transcript of his overwhelmed, grieving comments:

Over here driving down Slauson, man. Driving down Slauson four in the morning, man. Because I can’t sleep behind what happened to Nipsey. Why n—-s do the homie like that? At his own motherf*cking stop? In his own f*cking hood, man? He was trying to do good for n—-s. This sh*t is crazy — I can’t even f*cking sleep! I’m disgusted by this sh*t. That’s how you do the homie? In his own city, in his own hood, at his own place of business… LA on some bullsh*t!

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