Yelawolf’s Scathing ‘Bloody Sunday’ Diss Takes Shots At G-Eazy And Post Malone

Just in case anyone thought beef season was over, Yelawolf has returned with some aggressive bars for G-Eazy and Post Malone. The Eminem devotee takes a page from his mentor’s 2018 playbook to rip off a few warning shots at his fellow white rappers on the scathing “Bloody Sunday,” an apparent precursor to his long-awaited Trunk Muzik III.

While he reserves judgement for his boss’s preferred target, MGK, he serves up some disrespectful snipes for his other Caucasian counterparts, ripping into G-Eazy with “I can’t let this Tom Cruise lookin’ motherf*cker just paddle by, Don’t know if I’m watching Vanilla Ice or Vanilla Sky.” He seems to especially take issue with G comparing himself to Em, snapping: “Is this the guy that said he was the hottest white boy since the one with dyed blonde hair? What the f*ck,
hold up, G… easy.”

Of course, he goes pretty hard on Post Malone, too, leaning on the previous accusations of cultural appropriation which have dogged the Texas rapper ever since he made some controversial comments on hip-hop’s emotional content in 2017. “Who else? I would diss Post Malone but he don’t even rap,” he teases before going for the jugular. “F*ck it, f*ck Post Malone, just because, let’s see if he answers back.” Wolf gives Post the business, basically calling him a clone who got big off a stolen style:

Poser, biter, appropriation thief
Give a f*ck how many records you sold
Every fan you made is a leaf off of my tree
Boy you’re my seed
Another mullet in the gang with the teeth I see
I just picked a bone with Post Malone
And did it all on a Beastside beat

While most of the disses amount to light jabs, it looks like all that combative energy from 2018 has carried over into this year, ensuring that at least some rappers won’t be doing much collaborating to juice their streaming stats anytime soon.