Yelawolf Is Surrounded By Whiskey, Steel Guitar And ‘Daylight’ In Boozy New Video

Antonine Fuqua’s remake of the classic 1960 Western, The Magnificent Seven, has drawn excellent reviews at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival in the face of high expectations raised by the film’s explosive trailer. Bounty hunter Denzel Washington is joined by a cast of merry outlaws, including Chris Pratt, as they set up the movie with a bit of levity, but the teaser really gets going when it finally shows the gunfights, which are soundtracked by Yelawolf‘s “Daylight.” Featuring his distinct blend of country music and hip-hop, the driving steel guitar and steady percussion are the perfect match for all the action unfolding on the screen.

Now the controversial rapper, who understandably drew the ire of many with his passionate defense of the Confederate flag, has released his own video for the song, and it’s what you’d expect from the Alabama native. He crawls out of bed, hungover after a long night of boozing, as it pours sheets of rain outside his cabin, and takes a swig of whiskey before performing the the song alongside his guitarist and percussionist, who uses a wooden box in lieu of a drum kit.

“Daylight” is the first single off his forthcoming album, Trial By Fire. Watch the video above and purchase the track on iTunes.