YG’s Loving Impression Of An Elderly Nipsey Hussle Is Totally Spot-On

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It’s been almost two months since LA hometown hero Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his Marathon store and while some folks have comforted themselves with the idea that it was just his time, others refuse to believe that the late, great entrepreneur isn’t supposed to still be here. One of the latter is Nipsey’s close friend and collaborator YG, who opened up about their relationship during a recent interview with LA radio host Big Boy on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, explaining how they met, why they were so close, why he refuses to accept Nipsey’s death, and delivering a spot-on impression of what he thinks an elderly Nipsey would sound like.

“I get the ‘everything happens for a reason,’ ‘God take the special ones,’ all that type of sh*t n—-s be saying,” he said. “I’m not f*cking with that… I hear y’all, but I’m not f*cking with that. The homie got killed. The homie supposed to be here… We supposed to see Nip grow old, like, ‘Neighborhood, what’s up.'” YG’s impression of Nip’s nasally rasp on that last line may elicit a chuckle or tears or both. It’s clearly delivered in love, but it so perfectly evokes the image of a grey-haired Ermias Asghedom still throwing up the set that you can get exactly where YG is coming from. The world is definitely a little bit darker due to the loss of one its brightest lights.

YG also explained that he added the dedication to Nipsey to his album cover in order to ensure a percentage of the album’s royalties go to Nipsey’s estate. You can watch the interview in full below.

YG’s new album, 4Real 4Real, drops this Friday, May 24 via Def Jam Recordings.