‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is One Of The ‘Most Complicated Movies Ever Made,’ According To The Russo Brothers

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04.09.18 2 Comments


The promotional onslaught for Avengers: Infinity War is upon us and with that comes some big talk about how this film will be unlike any we’ve ever seen. It’s a great promotion, it’s true, and it’s probably something the folks behind the film are tired of talking about already. That’s what Joe And Anthony Russo seemed to indicate during a recent fan Q&A according to Gamespot, discussing the hardship involved with making the films and what it took to get through. And yes, they freely call it one of the most complicated films in history:

“Certainly, this is one of the most complicated movies ever made in many ways,” said Anthony Russo. “I think all of us appreciate what a special and unique opportunity this was. No one has ever seen a film like this. No one has ever seen this number of loved characters in a single film with this caliber of cast. And that’s really what drove all of us.

“I think everybody brought their best collaborative energy to the project. Everybody sacrificed hard for the project. It’s not only important to us, but it’s important to the audiences and everybody rose to the cause.”

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