‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Has A New Release Date, And It’s Arriving Even Sooner


Avengers: Infinity War, the most ambitious superhero movie ever, was supposed to come out on May 4. “Supposed to come out” is usually a bad thing — it often means a project is being pushed back for reshoots, like how The New Mutants went from April 13, 2018, to February 22, 2019 — but not in this case.

Infinity War has been moved up, to April 27.

The announcement was made on Twitter, beginning with Marvel Studios’ official account wrote, “On a scale of one to infinity, how excited are you to see #InfinityWar on May 4th?” When Robert Downey, Jr. (and definitely not one of his assistants) replied, “Any chance I could see it earlier?”, Marvel tweeted back, “Anything for you, Mr. Stark! How’s April 27th?” Yup, a totally normal way to announce when the possibly-most-expensive-film-ever is coming out.

The winners here: Avengers: Infinity War (which would still make all the money even if it was released on February 29 in a non-leap year), and the Star Wars anthology film Solo (May 25), which has been plagued with issues, but now “only” has to compete with Deadpool (May 18) and week four of Infinity War, not week three. (I find Disney’s lack of faith of Solo disturbing.)

The losers: every movie that comes out on April 27, including the John Krasinski and Emily Blunt movie that isn’t A Quiet Place, Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty, and Disobedience, starring Rachels McAdams and Weisz.