Beyonce declared queen of the universe

02.22.10 9 years ago






Billboard had already named her the female artist of the decade, but now the Recording Industry Assn. of America has added another jewel on to Beyonce”s crown.
She racked up 64 certifications during the 2000s for everything from album sales, digital song sales, master ringtone sales, music video certifications and hip shakes per song. Okay, we made the last one up. Plus, that would go to Shakira anyway.
Basically, Beyonce is queen and her label, which released this info, wants you to know it. To be more specific, she has the highest certified master ringtone for a female artist with triple platinum for “Irreplaceable,” which means a lot of girls who were pissed at their boyfriends decided they wanted a reminder every time their phone rang. Plus, her 2003 “Dangerously in Love” album is quadruple platinum. The way this works is that would add up to five of her certifications: once for when it was certified gold and then four more for each platinum certification it hit. An album is certified gold for sales of 500,000 copies and platinum for sales of one million units.
She”s starting off the Twenty-Tens pretty well too: she broke the record for the most Grammy wins for a female artist when she took home six awards.


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